Our Field of work :
Bored R.C.C. cast in situ piles from 500mm dia to 1200 mm dia using hydraulic rig MAIT HR 130 & MAIT HR 180.
Bored R.C.C. cast in situ piles from 400mm dia to 1200mm dia by using conventional pilling rigs ( Bailer Chisel Method ), Direct Mud Circulation Method (DMC), Reverse Mud Circulation Method ( RMC).
Permanent Liner piles of all dia (By Rotary & Conventional Method).
Precast prebored r.c.c. pile.
Metre Panel Pilling (Rectangular Piles) for soil retention .
Micro Piles from 150mm to 300mm dia using DTH rigs / Calex Rigs.
Stone columns / soil stabilisation using sand piles.
Soil and rock anchors.
Auger bored piles/ bored under reamed piles.
Contiguous pile walls.
Geo Technical Investigation including sub soil exploration & soil testing.
Design of pile foundations.
Static & Lateral load test of piles.
Integrity & Dynamic test of piles.

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